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Underarm Cupcake Cream White Chocolate Flavour Day Cream 50ml.


Product Description

  • Suitable for those with strong odor problems, sweating, underarm blackened due to hair removal, friction or genetics.
  • This Cup Cake Underarm formula suitable for people with problems like swarthy due to the irritation of the perfume or alcohol, deodorant, and very suitable for those who have problems blister chicken skin, armpit uneven all proportion.
  • Cup Cake Underarm available to many parts of the body, such as the armpit, groin, or even elbow, crook, and bottom pattern.
  • No AHA, No Alcohol, No chemical irritation.

Benefits to be obtained Cupcake underarm cream

  1. Whitens your underarm and to be seen in few days
  2. Clears and damages the underarm hairs
  3. Lightens the underarm area
  4. Reduces the underarm odors
  5. Makes good smell
  6. Can be used for cracked heels and insects bites
  7. Does not clog pores
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