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Mistine YES It’s Lip Tint Marker & Smoother


Mistine Yes 2 in 1 Tint Lip Marker & Smoother Long Lasting Moisturize

Created beautiful perfect lips with various different up to 10 styles. New tricks and trends for lips by changing the color design up to 10 styles with 2 in 1 lip Tint Marker and smoother. Tint Marker, comes with marker tip pen to provide the easy applying, the bright concentrated color to the lips. Special formulated with deep intense color and coating film by Air Film Technology to give the non-sticky touch and longer lasting than ordinary tint.
Nourish the lips with Sodium Hyaluronate to give the moist and healthy. Smoother, nude shade lip balm helps to blend and make the different color up to 10 styles for changing the lips.
Smoothing Film creates the glamorous shine with smooth and plump effect to the lips. While Shea Butter and Aloe Butter nourish the lips to maintain moisture and make the lips because soft, smooth and healthy radiance.

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