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Mistine Hokkaido Melon Whitening Body Lotion


How to Apply lotion all over your body on a daily basis. Used as often as needed

Lotion melon Hokkaido concentrated 100%, selected the best varieties from Japan. Protects and nourishes the skin with a substance SOD (super oxide synthase The Dunsmuir), the ultimate in anti-oxidants as many as 29 ** virtual armor protects skin from pollution as a cause of premature aging. And restore skin to look younger and more radiant with up to six times the vitamin C *** enriched extract of red grape and white tea. The skin smooth and moisturized even more. Protects skin from the sun’s substance Double UV Filters.

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Yubari Melon (Yuba River melon).

Hokkaido is a city with rich soil and water, which are valuable as gold.

– Fertile soil with ash Mountain of Fire. The deposition for a long time And with cold weather and snow. When the ice melts, it will be borne minerals spread across the island. What was exuberant planting

– Water is a complete meal. As the snow melts Minerals from the soil, some of it flows into the water. Accumulated fish species have come on a lot. One of the fruits of Japan’s Yubari Melon, which is grown in a greenhouse. By carefully controlling the crop planted on a hillside of the city of Yubari in meat with fresh orange. Sweet richness The shape of a beautifully proportioned. The total output each year, not much. Thus making it one of the eight valuable raw materials. The melon enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) at up to 95%, which has properties as anti-oxidants.

SOD or Superoxide Dismutase (super oxide synthase The Dunsmuir) as anti-oxidants, which are a group of enzymes. The body can make your own. Effective to trap free radicals, superoxide to neutral quickly. And is the first of an anti-oxidant. From the age factor, the greater the stress and UV light, thus creating the enzymes SOD reduced.

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