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MISSHA Pure Source Pocket Pack (Pearl) 10ml


Little pockets full of abundant ingredients of nature for your skin!
Chose the pack your skin longs for!

  • little pouches full of natural ingredients
  • more small packs instead of a big one
  • easily to squeeze and close again
  • different packs to sleep with, cleanse & peel

Mask pack to offer 2~3 times of use by a simple squeezing Pocket type of mask pack to help provide intensive benefit and simple use only squeezing it.

Containing pearl 200mg, brightening and moisturizing sleeping pack: Sleeping pack to help promote dark and dull skin to be bright during sleep

Soft creamy texture to help promote smooth skin. Soft cream type to provide a smooth moisturizing benefit

  1. Sleeping Pack to help select in accordance with daily skin condition.
  2. At the last step of skin care after washing the face, apply an appropriate amount over face. Leave on overnight and rinse with lukewarm water in the morning.


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