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The Lifestyle Store Tips: How to Identify a Fake MCM Bag

jgfareyes March 30, 2021 0 comments

Here at the Lifestyle Store, we pride ourselves in providing customers with authentic products. However, there are a lot of counterfeit bags out there that are getting closer to the real thing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to spot these fakes. We’re here to help you out by giving you some tips on how to spot fake bags so read on!

How to Identify a Fake MCM Bag

The MCM Gold Plaque: The MCM Gold plaque is a common feature seen in many of their bags. It features the MCM logo with the word “MUNCHEN” beneath it, followed by the serial number of the item on the bottom. Make sure to check if the details on the plaque are correct. It must be properly centered, with all the text and logos applied perfectly – straight and with even spacing. The plaques corners are slightly rounded, and also includes the use of Slotted screws and not Phillips (cross shaped). Majority of MCM bags have the screw removable, so, it’s worth noting which models came out with removable ones and not.

The MCM Logo: The MCM logo has a very distinct look. Wherever you see the logo – whether engraved on the gold plaque, printed on canvas, or etched on leather – it should always look clean and perfect. Smeared ink or blurred edges should never be present in an authentic bag. Also, one important detail to check is the number of bay leaves on the logo. The number of leaves on each side should be different – the left side has 9 bay leaves while the right side only has 8.

The Zippers: MCM zippers are made from metal and should have a high quality, luxurious feel. The finish is typically a bright, strong gold finish and should match the rest of the hardware found in the bag. MCM also primarily uses YKK brand zippers – you can usually check the zipper sliders for the engraved YKK branding.

The Quality of the Stitches and Seams: MCM bags are made with a high level of craftsmanship and undergo a thorough quality control process. The seams on an authentic MCM bag should always be straight and have neat and even stitching. Fakes are have a hard time achieving the same level of quality so be on the lookout for frayed and crooked seams, especially at the corners.

MCM Signature Visetos: One of the iconic materials for MCM products is the use of their signature Visetos – which is made from high quality coated leather with a monogram printed pattern. The transitions between the monogram patterns should be uniform and seamless, without any interruptions and imperfections in the print. Make sure to watch out for any crooked logos, uneven spacing and alignment, and for any flaws in the logo print.

As a final note, the feel of a bag’s material may vary depending on the place of manufacture, as some are made in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, or China. As well as depending on whether it was newly purchased or part of old stock. Make sure to purchase only from reliable businesses with proper verification, such as the Entrupy-verified Lifestyle Store!

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