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The Lifestyle Store Tips: 4 Ways to Identify an Authentic Coach Bag

jgfareyes March 25, 2021 0 comments

Here at the Lifestyle Store, we pride ourselves in providing customers with authentic products. However, there are a lot of counterfeit bags out there that are getting closer to the real thing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to spot these fakes. We’re here to help you out by giving you some tips on how to spot fake bags so read on!

4 Ways to Help You Identify an Authentic Coach Bag

The Coach Creed: Regular and large sized Coach bags all have a leather patch on the inside which contains the Coach Creed.  This creed contains a paragraph written in all-capital letters. Make sure to check if the paragraph is centered with proper spacing, and if there are any typos and words that don’t make any sense. Also, fakes can sometimes use a mixture of upper and lower case letters in the text.

The Hardware: Coach mainly uses brass or nickel for the hardware in their bags – giving them a heavy and solid feel; so watch out for imitations that use plastic or cheaper metals instead. The hardware on an authentic bag is beautifully polished with everything having the same consistent finish. Coach also uses Ideal and YKK zippers for their bags – you can usually find the brand names applied onto the sides of the zipper pull. Other types of hardware – such as their signature turnlock clasp – also an engraved Coach logo.


The Quality of Stitches and Seams: Authentic Coach bags have a high quality of craftsmanship. The stitches and seams are neat and clean. Stitches should be straight, of the same length, and straight. Watch out for over-stitching (e.g. multiple stitches over each other), as well as frayed and uneven stitching – especially along corners.

Coach Signature Canvas: Coach’s monogram printed canvas is perhaps most iconic element found in the majority their bags. This pattern will always consist of two C’s facing each other and touching, followed by two C’s besides each other. Coach follows a very high standard for this signature print – the pattern must always look neat, aligned, and symmetrical.

As a final note, the feel of a bag’s material may vary depending on the place of manufacture, as some are made in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, or China. As well as depending on whether it was newly purchased or part of old stock. Make sure to purchase only from reliable businesses with proper verification, such as the Entrupy-verified Lifestyle Store!

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