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The Lifestyle Store is now an Entrupy Verified Business – What this means for us

jgfareyes April 7, 2021 0 comments

Another day, another exciting milestone for us here at The Lifestyle Store!

At The Lifestyle Store, we have always strived to provide our customers with top quality service and customer support, while guaranteeing 100% authentic luxury products at great prices.

Our doors are open for anyone to check out our products in person, and our friendly staff are there to assist with any questions and concerns. We even have a 6 MONTH return policy for customers who have any issues with the products that they have just purchased.

In spite of all this, we are always searching for ways to improve our services as well the support we can give to our customers; which is why we are excited to announce that The Lifestyle Store is now an Entrupy Verified Business!

What is Entrupy?

Entrupy is the world’s first On-Demand Authentication Solution for High Value Goods. They use proprietary AI technology in order to identify genuine and counterfeit products. Entrupy boasts a 99.1% accuracy for their services, and are one of the leading authentication technologies used solutions used worldwide. Numerous international stores and business’s have been verified by them, and we are happy to announce that we are part of that fold.

Not everyone is Entrupy-verified

Business’s have to undergo strict requirements in order to be Entrupy-verified. They have to make sure that the business is legitimate; and therefore require the submission of legal documents, business certificates, and most importantly: a product check of the store’s items. The Lifestyle Store is proud to have met those standards.

What this means for The Lifestyle Store Family

Being an Entrupy-verified business means that we have the approval to use their technology to authenticate luxury products.  Each authenticated product will then have a certificate recorded on the Entrupy servers. Lifestyle store customers can take comfort in knowing that their products have a legitimate certificate of authenticity.


In this age of social media, numerous independent LC (Legit Checkers) are running rampant, especially on Facebook. These LC’s are unauthorized and have no legitimate authentication process aside from their own opinions and so-called expertise. Make sure that you always approach reputable, legitimate sources for your information.
A friendly tip to our baglover friends out there to always keep in mind that only an Authorized and Legitimate Authentication Solution would provide you guaranteed Reliability & TRUE value for your money!

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