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All about Coach – How a Small Workshop grew into a Leading Luxury Brand

jgfareyes April 8, 2021 0 comments

The Coach brand is an established favorite among luxury bag enthusiasts. Known for their signature designs featuring the iconic “C” pattern, as well as for the high quality craftsmanship seen in their products, this esteemed company has only grown in popularity over the decades since it’s founding.

Fans of Coach may be interested to know that the company has a very rich history in the world of bagmaking. Founded in Manhattan on 1941, it was a small family run workshop that crafted leather wallets and billfolds by hand. It was soon joined by a Miles and Lillian Cahn, a couple from New York.

In the 1950’s, Miles and Lillian Cahn became interested in the design and material used in leather baseball gloves and, working with 6 artists, they created a collection of handbags which became a hit and eventually led to the Cahn’s acquisition of the entire company. From then on, Coach began it’s journey into the world of bagmaking.

In 1985, the Sara Lee Corporation bought the company for a reported $30 million, and Miles Cahn was replaced by Lew Frankfort as president. Under it’s new owners and president, the company was able to open multiple boutiques and stores throughout the United States.

In the mid 1990’s, the company hired designer, Reed Krakoff, who’s unique direction changed the image of Coach from a manufacturer of serious, sturdy, leather bags and briefcases – into a brand that made hip, stylish, and lightweight bags and other accessories.

In 2001, the company launched what would turn out to their most popular look; the Coach Signature Collection. This was the first time that they feature the iconic double “C” design that is used in so many of their products to this day.

As of today, Coach has over 900 stores worldwide, and are widely available at countless department stores and boutiques. From their humble beginnings as a small leather workshop in old Manhattan, they have now grown to be a global leader in luxury handbags and accessories.

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