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The Bagmaster Tips: Treating Your Leather Bags Right

jgfareyes May 10, 2021 0 comments

Everyone wants to keep their favorite leather bags in pristine condition. A well cared for bag can last for decades with correct maintenance and care. Here are a few tips for keeping your bag in tip top shape:

1. Keep Your Bags Clean

Leather bags are prone to absorbing grease and oil which can lead to stains and dark spots. Avoid touching your bags with oily hands. Also, try to clean your bags every other day by briskly wiping them down with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth (make sure not to use too much water).

Once or twice a year, give your bags a more thorough cleaning session.  Wipe them down with a specialty leather cleaner to keep them looking good as new.

Using leather conditioner is also important in preventing your leather bags from drying and cracking. You can use a soft cloth to apply leather conditioner to your bags once or twice a year (or more depending on the dryness and humidity).


2. Keep Your Bag Safe From Harm

Regularly overstuffing your bag can lead to deforming it and altering its shape.  Try to limit the contents to only your essential items and preserve your bags sexy contours. Also, try to avoid carrying items that are too heavy since this can lead to the stretching of the leather or tearing of the handles of your bag.

Your makeup and other similar items can potentially stain your bag’s interior if not placed properly. Invest in a pouch or organizer to store your make-up in, as well as other items that can leak and stain your bag.


3. Store Your Bag Properly

Stuff your bag with bubble wrap, foam or parchment paper and plastic to allow your bag to hold its shape; but avoid using newspaper as it may smear and stain. When storing your bag, try to put in silica gel or moisture absorbing packets to avoid dampness.

Also, give your bags some fresh air every now and then. Air them out once every two weeks to prevent mold growth.


Take good care of your bags and they will last you for years to come.


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